I have a ringing in my ear … what can it be?

Discover here home remedies for tinnitus . Do you usually hear noises or sounds that do not exist? How can we hear something that does not exist? This anomaly is called ” tinnitus ” and it is more a neurological disorder than an auditory one. In this article we explain what are its causes, symptoms and home remedies that you can apply to counteract it.

In general terms, the fact that we can perceive “non-existent” sounds for other people is because it is our own brain that produces them. This sound or “noise” can appear, then, without external stimuli involved in its production.

Tinnitus does not occur in the same way in all people. In some cases it is manifested by a “whistle”, “beep” or “buzz”, in other cases as a “jingle” or by other kinds of sounds. Also, this noise can be permanent or discontinuous and felt in one or both ears.


Among the causes that originate this pathology are the following:

Advanced age

Activity or work: exposure to noise

Hereditary factors

Hearing loss


Frequently, tinnitus manifests itself in the elderly, although it may present as a dysfunctional hearing disorder in young people and children. On the other hand, those who are mostly exposed to conditions of noise pollution and unhealthy as telephone operators often suffer from tinnitus after a prolonged time of auditory wear.

At the physiological level there are other causes that can help explain it, among which are the following:

Hypertension : The noise may be caused by compressed arteries due to the difficulty in the circulation of blood flow.

Ear infection


Cervical osteoarthritis : they can cause bone plugs that compress the arteries and give rise to noise.

Trauma and head and neck injuries

Muscle spasms in the ear


Other pathologies such as Meniere’s syndrome , otoscrerosis, fibromalgia, thyroid, heart and / or cardiovascular problems.

Symptoms of tinnitus

Whistle, buzz or sound of a “snap”, explosion, crackling, pulses or breaths of varying intensity, depending on the various cases. Noise can be perceived only by the affected person (subjective) or perceived even by other people (objective).




Home remedies to treat tinnitus

This pathology, as can be seen, can be due to various causes and factors involved in producing it, which is why it is very difficult to perform an analysis that provides concrete results and allows establishing a treatment that allows its cure permanently and permanently. However, in certain cases, there are natural solutions that can help us relieve your symptoms.

Adequate diet

Good nutrition based on a varied and balanced diet can help to counteract this condition. In this sense, the consumption of foods with high concentrations of melatonin is advised. They include tomatoes, fish, dark chocolate, legumes, olive oil and nuts. On the contrary, caffeine and alcohol are contraindicated. It also avoids the consumption of milk and its derivatives, since they have tetracyclines that inhibit the effect.


herbs There are highly recommended herbs to exert a relaxing or calming effect on the nervous system, such as cimifuga, black brown bear, quincea, etc., which is often responsible for tinnitus.


therapies There are unconventional therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture and aromatherapy that may be appropriate. Nothing is lost by trying …

Other useful recommendations to reduce the effects of tinnitus

First and foremost, take care of the hygiene of your ears . Although the ear is a self-cleaning organ, the help of a specialist may be necessary to remove plugs or cure present infectious processes.

Within your possibilities, avoid exposing yourself to loud noises or crowded environments in public. Avoid places with noise such as discos, places near the stage in shows and recitals, etc.

If you work in the middle of noise permanently in an area where there is the presence of radios, microphones, headphones, telephones, try to reduce the volume of sound emitting devices . Make sure your coworkers do the same. If you use a headset or headphones, alternate the use of one ear to another at 15-minute intervals, to avoid further wear that can lead to even greater disorders such as deafness.

Take relaxation courses or workshops   to reduce stress as much as you can.

Avoid using non-prescription medications as a different type of anti-depressant.

Does tinnitus have a cure?

Given the complexity of this pathology, it is difficult to speak in terms of a total or definitive cure, although the symptoms can sometimes be significantly reduced.

In this sense, an investigation carried out in the Netherlands summoned 492 participants, patients of tinnitus. Half of the group received audiological therapy, while the other half received comprehensive care, including cognitive behavioral therapy focused on tinnitus.

The results were surprising: approximately 70% of the group that received therapy reported improvements in their quality of life or a decrease in this pathology after a year of starting the treatment .

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