Improves blurred vision and prevents retinal detachment with this home remedy

Today we are going to share an excellent natural remedy with aloe vera to improve and preserve vision in a healthy way.

It is a natural alternative for the eyes. A natural medicine and elaborated in a homemade way. We will use aloe vera along with other ingredients taking advantage of its properties and richness in nutrients.

There are certain frequent pathologies that affect our eyes as those that cause

blurred vision . In this sense, aloe vera is an excellent resource for our visual health.

It is important to note that a deficit of certain vitamins and other nutrients in ourĀ  usual diet can compromise the health of our eyes.

One of the main reasons that explain blurred vision is due to the development technically called diabetic retinopathy. This condition is popularly known as “cataracts”.

Diabetic retinopathy refers to damage produced at the level of the retina. It is caused by the long-term development of diabetes. This disease is causing damage to the blood vessels that supply the retina of the human eye.

Another cause of blurred vision is retinal detachment.

This condition usually occurs spontaneously without apparent cause, but is usually caused by diabetes, inflammatory disorders, among other factors.

This condition usually comes hand in hand with a phenomenon called # vitreous detachment.

What is good for blurred vision?

In these cases, in its early phase and as a prevention, it is necessary to seek the incorporation of certain nutrients. Among which are vitamins A, beta-carotene b2 and C.

Among the primordial antioxidants in the lens of our eye are the

B6 vitamins of these 2 are vital to activate another agent called glutathione. This is a fragment of protein whose function is to protect the eyes from wear and damage caused by

free radicals .

The deficiency or deficit of these vitamins frequently cause the development of cataracts. The good news is that we can give our body all these vitamins. In this sense, consuming aloe vera daily can make a difference!

Certain natural ingredients such as aloe vera and pure honey from bees

are full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other healthy elements.

Today we can attack in advance or prevent any of these serious

health problems by strengthening our immune system.

However, if you suffer from a vision disorder it will be necessary to go to an ophthalmologist without fail. This professional is, without doubt, the only one indicated in offering you an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the corresponding treatment .

Aloe vera can help and benefit our health but at least

we must first know precisely in what health condition we are.

Home remedy with aloe vera for blurred eyesight


100 grams of aloe vera gel

300 grams of honey 100% natural

500 grams of peeled walnuts

4 lemons to make pure juice of squeezed lemon

Preparation Mode

Mix all the ingredients and drink immediately once prepared, to take advantage of all the properties of the ingredients.

Store the beverage in the refrigerator for future consumption. If there is something left over without consuming, throwing or discarding, after 48 hours.

Consumption mode

Consume the drink in a medium glass 30 minutes before each meal.

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