Know what are the symptoms of early stage cancer

Discover the symptoms of early stage cancer. An Israeli doctor said how to detect cancer at an early stage. Recommendations that will save a life! Memo for survival.

Recently, on television and on social networks, they have been talking tirelessly about the progress in the treatment of certain diseases. Specifically, on oncological diseases. This, of course, is about the latest progressive developments that can radically change the fate of seriously ill patients.

However, few people understand that such treatment methods give the opportunity to seize life only in the later stages of the disease. However, only a few know the importance of protecting themselves from a terrible fate by early diagnosis of cancer.

We share with you important recommendations that can save lives not only for you, but also for your loved ones. This is very important!

What are the symptoms of early-stage cancer?

This issue is important because early diagnosis of cancer can resolve the problem even before the tumor begins to metastasize and spread to other organs. First, the patient has simple and effective procedures at his disposal. Secondly, it offers the patient an invaluable opportunity to avoid years of suffering, helps to avoid expenses in the treatment and, in the long term, saves lives.

For the population to become more or less conscious, it is necessary that each person observe these simple but important rules.

The conscious person must be aware of the symptoms of certain diseases. That is, what changes in the body should pay close attention and not give up, as often happens.

Everyone, without exception, should contact a specialist when the first suspicious symptoms are detected.

And, what is more important, the population must know what recommendations exist for early diagnosis, corresponding to age, sex, occupation, etc.

Israeli medicine, one of the most progressive, has long been convinced in practice that it is much more beneficial for the state to prevent disease than to treat it for a long time and not always successfully.

This is what the Israeli experts recommend to everyone who wants to live a long time and be healthy. This outline reminder will help diagnose a serious condition at an early stage and begin your therapy in a timely manner.

After 40 years, both men and women should have a complete blood count, which may indicate a serious problem. For example, if the hemoglobin levels are reduced in the analysis, the responsible physician will begin to look for the cause: bleeding in the intestines or stomach, a possible ulcer and perhaps an oncology.

Men who have reached the age of 50 should undergo a digital prostate exam every year and be screened for a tumor marker of PSA, a specific antigen of the prostate.

After 40 years, women at least once every two years, or rather, should have a preventive mammogram, go to a gynecologist once a year and see a specialist for a consultation every year. Another important screening test for a woman after age 40 is a pap smear test on the papilloma virus, which is often a good companion for cervical cancer.

From the age of 50 years, both men and women must undergo gastroscopy and colonoscopy annually. This will help ensure that there are no polyps in the intestines, which tend to degenerate into cancers. It is also recommended to perform a hidden fecal blood test for the early detection of colorectal cancer.

If a hereditary history is loaded with oncological diseases, it is necessary to seek advice from genetics. The specialists will prescribe certain genetic tests or the realization of them with greater frequency.

Another equally important recommendation is to visit a dermatologist every year to examine the skin for suspicious tumors.

In the rest, you must be extremely attentive to the signals of your own body. Among the most common symptoms we must pay attention to the following:


Any change in the quality of the stool

Traces of blood on toilet paper

Sealing a breast in a woman

Appearance and rapid growth of skin marks

These are all signs that should prompt you to see a doctor immediately!

We are convinced that these simple but very valuable recommendations can save more than one life. You, and only you are responsible for your own health ! And if, after reading this article, you finally decide to consult a doctor, this is the first step towards a healthy future.

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