Learn how to cure ear pain in just 60 seconds

The earache is one of the most difficult to bear and is responsible for causing deep discomfort that can even steal your sleep. In this Effective Health article you will learn to easily cure this disorder with a simple and effective home remedy ! keep reading!

The excess earwax (wax) in the ear is often responsible for these intense pains. This wax is a yellowish substance and is secreted by the ear canal through the cerumenal glands located in the ear. Its function is to keep the ear free of dust, dirt and bacteria that come from outside.

People usually turn to cotton swabs to remove this accumulated dirt and the wax that forms in the ear but they have not proved effective but on the contrary, usually the only thing that is achieved is to push the bacteria even deeper into the inside the ear canal.

In general, the ear is a self-cleaning organ that cleanses only when swallowing or chewing. However, ear pain can denounce an internal infection inside the auditory organ that may be accompanied by headache, sinusitis , dizziness and others.


What to do if we have an earache?

There is a natural solution suggested by Dr. David Hill. It is a home remedy that will take away almost instantly the pain of ears and, at the same time, will keep them clean.

You should only mix vinegar and alcohol in small amounts and apply drops of this mixture in the ear. Then let the ear rest in the horizontal position for 60 minutes and then recover the original posture. When you do this, the wax will come off and flow out of the ear.

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