Look how to use turpentine, what it is for and its medicinal properties

Find out what pine turpentine oil is for . Know its medicinal properties and uses to treat diseases and health conditions.


What is turpentine pine oil?

The pine for which turpentine oil is used is a natural oil that is extracted from coniferous plants. Discover here what it is for and what its medicinal uses are.

There is a variety of products made with turpentine in the market. It is necessary to distinguish between the “turpentine essence” and the “turpentine oil”, since they are not the same thing. Below we tell you what pine turpentine is for …

Medicinal properties of pine turpentine

  • Analgesic effect

Pine turpentine oil helps soothe joint pain and rheumatic pain.

  • Helps to treat respiratory diseases

You can use pine turpentine oil to treat respiratory problems. For this you can boil water and add a quantity of this oil to inhale the vapors. It is a home remedy to relax the lungs.

It also allows treating upper respiratory tract infections. It causes noticeable relief in the congested nose and throat.

  • Help fight stress and fatigue

If you suffer chronic fatigue and high levels of stress this product will be very useful. Apply it in your bathtub and take a relaxing bath. Soon you will feel more relieved.

  • Antibacterial and antiseptic properties

Helps to prevent skin diseases caused by bacteria.

  • It helps with blood circulation
  • Revitalizes the body
  • Inhibits the formation of varicose veins.
  • Benefits for the skin

This natural oil will help you to treat skin problems. Among which are: eczema and acne. Prevents the formation of wrinkles thanks to its anti-aging action.

Properties of pine turpentine oil for hair

Contributes to hair health, helps If you use this oil on a regular basis, it will help you have healthy and shiny hair.

The pine turpentine oil prevents the formation of dandruff . This is due to its nutrients and antifungal properties.

On the other hand, its nutrients penetrate to the hair roots, strengthening them. This helps prevent hair loss. Turpentine oil helps your hair grow much faster.

How to apply turpentine oil for medicinal purposes

To enjoy all these benefits you can apply this oil to your shampoo and let it marinate. In a standard shampoo container of 300 ml add 25-30 drops of pine turpentine. Shake the container to mix and let stand for a week. Then, use it regularly.

If you have respiratory problems or clogged airways. In a jar of water add 6 to 10 drops of pine turpentine oil. Shake well and store in a dropper. Then enter this mixture in the nostrils 2 to 3 times a day and you will notice a great relief.

Where to buy pine turpentine oil?

This is a selling product not very frequent in some countries. You can try to buy it in herbal shops or natural products stores. However, the best and safest will be to look for it on the internet, in e-commerce sales sites.

Contraindications of pine turpentine

Since pine turpentine is used externally, no serious side effects are known. However, it is very important not to forget that it is an oil with powerful effects. For this reason, it is recommended not to use it alone, but diluted or mixed in water or shampoo, depending on the case.

If used pure it can cause problems such as irritation, burning, redness of the hair or other areas of the skin.

If you have any type of allergy you should not apply pine turpentine oil. In any case, if you have to use it externally, try it in a small area. Then, wait for 24 hours to pass. If you do not notice any problems you can use it with confidence.

Use of turpentine for parasites

It is important to note that turpentine does not kill parasites by itself. However, it creates sufficient conditions for them to seek to leave the infected body. For this reason, this natural remedy can be used effectively in humans and animals. In this sense, you must ensure your escape route, consuming plenty of water. This allows the parasites have no where to cling and end up being evacuated by the body.

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