Look what happens when you press these two fingers for 1 minute!

Discover the Japanese technique of finger tightening that achieves incredible results in our health . Our body is a perfect machine!

We still do not know all its secrets and functions. There are certain tricks that help us improve our health status. Today we will share one of them.

Within the field of reflexology we can adopt certain techniques that will allow us to improve our mood. They are also very useful to counteract pain and achieve a better state of health.

In many situations nerves play tricks on us. We can lose our temper just when more sober and moderate we need to show us. Such as in a job interview, in an oral examination or any other situation that compromises our behavior.

There are proven successful oriental techniques that allow you to master fear, anger, stress and anxiety . These techniques that we refer to are practices that have been continued for thousands of years in the East and consist of the digit-puncture or reflexology.

In this sense, an ancient oriental philosophy shows us how we can harmonize the vital energy in the body. This practice is known as Jin Shin Jyutsu. This current has been shown to be beneficial for many people who needed to treat various disorders. These include depression, sciatica pain, post-traumatic stress and chronic neck and back pain.


Japanese finger-tightening technique

Under this philosophical conception every finger of our hands is linked to a different emotion. Let’s see:

thumb: worry and anxiety

index: fear

Major: anger

annul: sadness

Pinky: low self-esteem

The technique suggests having the forefingers and one of the fingers held tight or held together for 60 seconds. This brings relaxation, tranquility and greater self-control of the situation in question.

To perform this technique, we suggest:

1- Sit and be in a quiet and quiet place

2- Breathe slowly and deeply

3- perform the aforementioned exercise

4- Rejoin once you feel peace and a sense of harmony throughout your body.

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