Man lived 152 years based on this miraculous food!

Thomas Parr, a humble farmer of English origin holds the record of having been the longest-lived person on the planet: he lived 152 years. What was the formula I use? A fantastic food that will surprise you: whey . Keep reading.

The whey , a rare food in the diet of people, low – calorie and can do miracles for your health. In its composition it has 1% albumen and 93% water . It is rich in minerals and vitamins such as potassium, phosphorus, cobalt, iron, magnesium and manganese. It also has very important vitamins and enzymes as well as amino acids.



This natural drink only has 2 calories per 100 grams but as we have detailed previously, it is very rich in minerals and vitamins. For this reason it becomes an ideal food for those looking to lose weight and lose weight without sacrificing essential nutrients for health.

On the other hand, the serum, as a natural diuretic, helps eliminate retained fluids and eliminate impurities and toxins from the body, so when they are evacuated, all this can result in a decrease in weight.


Drinking serum can be very important if you follow any athletic or sports discipline. Being an abundant food in electrolytes will keep your body with an optimal amount of energy and allow you to stay properly hydrated.

Also, whey is a facilitator for the creation of protein, a fundamental element for everyone who performs work or physical effort. Drinking serum will help you develop and strengthen your muscles.


Whey ensures proper liver cleansing. It is known that many diseases derive their cause from epic problems, which is why, if you drink serum you will be preventing them and enjoying a better standard of living.


By reducing the amount of bacteria lodged in the intestines and regulating the ph in the stomach, the serum helps notably in the metabolism process. Its consumption is also conducive to regularize certain intestinal or digestive disorders such as inflammations and flatulence.

Among other of its many benefits are also reduced blood sugar levels (suitable for diabetics). It is also recommended for hypertension and healthy for the nerves. It can also be used in hair and skin care .


Above all, avoid buying serum from animals that have been treated with hormones. Make sure the serum is organic and quality.


We recommend drinking serum in a balanced way. You can start by consuming 140 grams in three daily doses. Subsequently, you can gradually increase the dose.

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