Meat Away, Fat off Julia has Lost 18 Pounds

Julia (25 years, 1,60m) lost 18 kilos: Before she weighed 77 kilos and afterwards 59 kilos

Can an experiment turn life upside down? But that’s what! Our reader Julia fed vegan for 30 days. After that, not only had her character changed, but her worldview as well

When Julia and her boyfriend moved in, uninvited guests joined in: many well-being pounds. “I got fatter as we went out to eat all the time, especially in fast food restaurants. And then we lounged around in the evening with a bag of chips or chocolate on the sofa. “Of course she noticed the change; after all she had to buy new clothes again and again, last in dress size 44. But only a snapshot from the holiday shook the student awake:” I thought, what’s going on there? That’s not you! Then for the first time in ages I went back on the scales and saw the disaster: 77 kilograms! Definitely too much for my size of 1.60 meters. “By chance, she stumbled on the bestseller” Vegan for fit “by Attila Hildmann and decided:” I’ll just do the 30-day challenge.

Week 1: The purest roller coaster ride

Julia started with a motivated: “Luckily my friend moved, that made everything easier. Together, we cleaned out the fridge and pantry and gave away all food containing animal ingredients. There was not much left. “The first purchase became a challenge, because the 25-year-old had never dealt with her diet before and barely cooked herself. “I was surprised at what I suddenly had to omit or replace everything and how many unhealthy additives were in my previous meal.” After the first vegan meal, Julia realized she enjoyed the experiment. “But the next 6 days were still tough. I felt weak and only held out because I had read before that would be normal. ”

Week 2: Finally it’s uphill

And indeed! After the first week, Julia noticed a big change: “In the morning I got out of bed much better, and at lunchtime I had no more lows as usual after a meal. Everyday life was much easier for me. “Instead of chocolate muesli or a sausage sandwich, she had breakfast cereal with oatmeal or whole wheat bread with avocado. For lunch there were vegan noodles with tomato sauce or salad and hummus, in the evening a vegetable lasagne. Especially avocados were often on the menu at Julia. Because the South American fruit, which is also called butter of the forest, provides the important vitamins A, B, C, D and E and large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. And they do not honor their name, but slim. The contained enzyme lipase additionally accelerates fat loss.

Week 3: Full speed

Julia felt a previously unknown urge to move. “Because of the change in diet, I had so much energy – and they had to get out.” Twice a week she went to the gym, where she only trained 30 minutes of stamina on the crosstrainer and then made an hour of muscle building. The vegan food had long been in flesh, even if she now and then missed her beloved cheese. But she resorted to replacement products – and finding the right one required patience. “In the meantime everything can be replaced vegan, even if some products just taste disgusting. You just have to try it out. ”

Week 4: Everything changes

Over time, Julia became increasingly interested in the background and consequences of her new diet: “When I started, it was all about the figure and the health,” she recalls. “But then the ethics aspect was automatically added. Of course I knew beforehand that factory farming was the order of the day, but now I could not ignore animal suffering anymore. “She attended seminars at the university, logged into vegan forums, and made a far-reaching decision.

Week 5: Everything stays as it is

“When the 30-day challenge came to an end, it was clear to me and my friend that we will continue to eat pure vegetable. I felt a lot better, lost 6 kilos in just 5 weeks and a completely new attitude towards life. “Great side effect: 5 months later, another 12 kilos were gone – and the vegan feels it better than ever.

My most important learning: measuring rather than weighing

“In the beginning, I weighed myself constantly and was frustrated when nothing happened on the scales. When I started intensively with the sport, I even grew! But at some point I exchanged the balance for a centimeter tape. And lo and behold: Of course I became slimmer! Muscles simply weigh more than fat, and that’s why the scale annoyed me so much. Since I understood that, I’m relaxed. “