Meet the World’s Healthiest Foods

Maintaining healthy eating is essential for a number of reasons. Not just a beautiful but mostly healthy body, and the key to health is to eat moderately and the right foods.

Increasingly it is becoming proven that foods are real natural remedies, that they have the power to cure a number of ailments and that are largely responsible for keeping the body healthy. A balanced diet not only prevents a number of diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes and high blood pressure, but can also reduce the onset of cancer. Learn below the healthiest foods in the world to include in your diet.

Foods that Prevent Disease

Peppers:  Peppers are great for proper functioning of the intestine and digestive system. They are natural thermogenics, helping to burn fat and lose weight. You can consume both red and green pepper more burned like the smell peppers and the pouting type. The secret is in moderation.

Basil:  Sweetheart of Mediterranean cuisine that is associated with exceptional levels of longevity and health, basil helps to fight depression and anxiety. It is a natural antioxidant, taking analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Black and Wild Rice:  A darling of modern diets and fit world, black or wild rice is the one found in nature that does not go through refining processes. It is rich in antioxidants, in addition to being a great natural source of iron and fiber

Damascus:  Famous in the Middle Eastern diet, apricot reduces the risk of some types of cancer (mainly liver) due to its high content of vitamin E, lycopene and potassium.

Grape: Rich in natural antioxidants, the grape is great for lowering blood pressure and is an ally of people in pre hypertension.

Eggs:  Source of proteins and vitamins, is a source of tyrosine, an important amino acid that helps in the formation of the T4 hormone, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the thyroid.

Cabbage:  Rich in glycosinolates, cabbage helps to strengthen the immune system. It still has detox effect, helping to cleanse the body. Cabbage is still very rich in proteins and studies already relate their consumption to the delay of the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Blueberry: Also known as blueberry, Blueberry has low sugar content and is a natural source of antioxidants. It slows the aging of the body’s cells by fighting free radicals.

Cauliflower:  Cauliflower is essential in combating cardiovascular problems by reducing the amino acid homocysteine. Rich in fiber and low in carbohydrate, cauliflower is great for reducing cholesterol and blood sugar.

Mushrooms:  Rich in plant-based protein, mushrooms help the body’s energy production in the functioning of the nervous and immune system. It also prevents the onset of some cancers by fighting free radicals and eliminating toxins from the body.