Properties of glucomannan to lose weight

Discover here the incredible properties of glucomannan to lose weight . We tell you what it is, how it is consumed and its contraindications.

Glucomannan can be used as a food supplement. Its digestive and slimming properties are amazing. See how you can start using it to lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

Actually glucomannan should not be considered a food. Nor is it a medicine, drug or remedy. It is rather a compound or substance that is estrae of an oriental plant whose scientific name is Amophaphalus konjac.

Where is the power of glucomannan to lose weight?

It is characterized by not contributing calories to the body. In addition, through its consumption it is possible to quickly achieve satiety.

Glucomannan contains fiber that when hydrated swells fast and forms a larger volume paste. It is usually consumed as “konjac or shitake” pasta, a particular type of oriental noodles.

It is necessary to highlight that glucomannan does not present nutritional value for the organism. His secret is reduced to providing satiety immediately. Thanks to this property many people who consume it can control their appetite and lose weight.

Glucomannan can be consumed as a paste or in tablets. In the latter case, no more than 3 doses of 1 gram each should be consumed. Normally half or one hour before each main meal is consumed.

Contraindications of glucomannan

Its use was contraindicated in patients with gastroesophageal disorders. It can cause asphyxia in the upper respiratory tract.

Second, glucomannan prevents the food we have consumed from coming into contact with the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, this hinders the absorption of nutrients. Its abundant or continuous consumption can be translated into a nutritional deficit.

Finally, its consumption is strictly proven in the case of medicated patients. Especially in the case of liposoluble medicines.

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