Reduce your waist with this 5 super food shake!

Thanks to the enhancing effect of the combination of various juices or natural foods we can create incredible weight and centimeter shakes from your waist . Here is one of them, you will be surprised at its results: you will reduce several centimeters of your waist in just one week.

With the firm commitment to see you every day better and with the best natural and healthy products that provide the best for your body’s health, today we share this natural wonder: a juice that will make you look more beautiful, stylized and attractive. Take note of the recipe !!

The juice that we are about to share is a true natural “ bomb” for its powerful “fat-burning” effect that will flatten your abdomen and reduce your waist size. It is a combination of pear, cucumber, lemon, melon and ginger, 5 powerful foods to reduce weight.

The vitamin C of the lemon helps you optimize the metabolism while the melon and ginger will facilitate the burning of fat and as a whole, you will lose weight . For its part, the cucumber will allow you to remove retained fluids in your body and also burn abdominal fat quickly and effectively. Finally, the pear fiber helps digestion and reduce centimeters of your waist.

Here is the recipe! (ingredients)

Melon (1 cup melon pieces)

1 lemon (squeezed)

1 piece of ginger powder or crushed

1 cucumber

1 pear

Mode of preparation and consumption

First make sure to squeeze lemon and pear juice. Then cut the melon into pieces just like cucumber and ginger. Put all these ingredients in a blender and beat them for 2 minutes until you make a homogeneous mixture. Ready! You can serve yourself at ease! We recommend you drink it before going to sleep to optimize its results although you can also consume it 30 minutes before each meal.

In 7 days you will not be able to believe what this drink has done in your body. Now is your turn!

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