Rejuvenate your amazing face with this mask. Very valued in Spas!

Learn how to make a homemade mask of glycerin and gelatin to rejuvenate the skin of the face. Your friends will be shocked when they see the change!

With age, whatever they say, problems with wrinkles can not be avoided. However, it is possible to   suspend the aging process  , as well as eliminate many of the unwanted visible changes in the oval face.

My friend Tamara has been working as a cosmetologist for many years in a beauty salon , and it was she who suggested the   recipe for a super effective mask  that helped me more than once. Now I look like a new high school daughter, and her boyfriends congratulate me!

This mask in beauty salons is in great demand, while this procedure is quite expensive. But it can be easily done at home, because all the components are simple and accessible. It is important to know the correct proportions!

Homemade glycerin and gelatin mask

Today we tell you how to make a   homemade mask with gelatin and glycerin  . By the way, in addition to the fact that with the help of this tool my fleas got up (lowered the cheeks), I managed to get rid of my second chin!


1 teaspoon gelatin

3 tablespoons l darling

100 ml of glycerol

3 g of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

100 ml of mineral water without gas.

3-5 ml of lavender oil

Preparation mode

In a convenient container, pour the gelatin and fill it with mineral water at room temperature. Leave to swell for half an hour.

An aspirin pill was milled to take the powder on the tip of the knife.

The swollen gelatin and all other components are converted into a glass container, placed in hot water and the dough is stirred with a wooden stick until the mixture is homogeneous.

Remove from hot water and cool with continuous stirring. You can even beat, to obtain a spongy mass. The resulting composition may be sufficient for at least three weeks. The mask is well stored in the refrigerator (in the door).

Before using the required amount of the mixture. Heat it in your hands or in a water bath.

Apply at night for 1.5 to 2 hours before sleeping on the face and chest clean (and at the same time on the hands).

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