Remedy of coconut ginger and turmeric to detoxify the liver

Apply this home remedy of coconut ginger and turmeric to detoxify the liver while you sleep! You will be like new!

Do you remember when you were a child and you drank a cup of very hot and comforting milk? Well, this recipe is even better and today we share this with you.

It is one of the varieties of “golden milk”. It receives this name due to the golden tint that turmeric gives it. This remedy is made with coconut milk, ginger and turmeric. In addition, it incorporates other super-healthy ingredients such as pepper and honey.

It is a super healthy drink, recommended for its depurative and detoxifying properties. In addition, it helps you lose weight and fight colds and flu.

Home remedy of coconut ginger and turmeric to detoxify the liver


1 teaspoon of turmeric

2 cups of coconut milk

1 piece of 2 cm of ginger

ΒΌ teaspoon of pepper


Attention: For ulcers or colitis avoid adding pepper!

Preparation method:

Mix all the ingredients mentioned here. Add the honey to the end.

Cook everything over medium heat and wait until the mixture reaches the boiling point.

Lower the heat, let the mixture rest for 5 minutes and remove the ginger. Add the honey and stir well.

Drink this remedy when you wake up and you are hungry or need energy. You can add cinnamon to flavor.

It is an aromatic and tasty syrup. As if that were not enough, it helps to fight stress and get to sleep. Discover the power of each of its ingredients!


Turmeric is the main element and is in every kitchen.

This plant is golden yellow and medicinal. It is the most famous spice. More than 8,000 tests of seniority say that this is healthy.

The bioactive element is curcuma. An ingredient that has about 150 functions in the body. Eliminates inflammation since this is the cause of many other problems such as obesity, cancer, migraine and thyroid problems.

Turmeric properties

Stops inflammation

Eliminates bacteria and microbes

Eliminates cancer cells and tumors

Reduces high levels of blood sugar and diabetes

Reduces high cholesterol levels

Keeps the heart healthy

Increase immunity

Accelerates wound healing

Detoxifies the liver

Relieves nerves

Turmeric is sold loose in powder or tablets. It is available at any naturist or herbalist shop anywhere in the world. Add it to your meals!


It has medium chain fatty acids


help to lose weight

reduces sugar

keeps the heart healthy

It has antioxidants

It has vitamins E, C, B, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus.

Heals colds, and the flu ,

Strengthens teeth and bones

Relax the nerves

In addition, this milk helps the nutrients work in the interior and is soluble in fats.

Properties of Ginger

Eliminates microbes and bacteria. It is analgesic. Stops cancer, relieves the digestive tract and eliminates nausea. It improves blood flow, regulates blood pressure and regulates insulin in the body. It also helps in respiratory problems.

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