Researchers confirm that eating soil helps lose weight

Researchers discovered a particular finding: eating dirt helps you lose weight ! We explain why this phenomenon occurs!

Are you looking to lose weight? Well this is a way to achieve it in a not very conventional way … If you are one of those people who have tried everything (exercises, fasts, diets and other tricks and tips) maybe it is a good time to try this new method.

Undoubtedly obesity and overweight is one of the biggest health problems facing contemporary society. In itself it is a pathology that brings other multiple risks such as the development of diabetes , cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

The truth is that, however strange or ridiculous it may seem, eating earth seems to give results to those who lose weight. The same has been confirmed by a study conducted by the University of South Australia.

Why eating earth helps you lose weight?

The earth (or clay) has the quality to absorb the drops of fat present in our intestine.

Researcher Tahnee Dening believes that eating earth can become a solution to treat obesity. This professional explained that “clay materials not only trap fats, but also prevent them from being absorbed by the body .”

In this sense, Dening emphasizes that the success of this material lies in having a curiously high surface area. This is what makes it possible to absorb those fats and oils present in the body.

What kind of soil is good for weight loss?

Attention. It is not about eating any kind of land. The one that guarantees good results is called “montmorillonite”. It is a type of natural clay subjected to a purification process and a clay of synthetic type, called laponite.

To reach this surprising conclusion, the researchers conducted an experiment with rodents. They divided them into two groups. One group was fed montmorillonite and a high-fat diet. Meanwhile, the other group was also given a diet rich in fat plus a leading slimming product in the market (Orlistat).

This experiment lasted 2 weeks and yielded very interesting results. The group of mice fed clay showed a much more pronounced weight loss than the other group.

Although it is somewhat unpleasant, just thinking about it, eating earth is healthy. At least, much healthier than consuming products and slimming drugs sold in the market. Eating soil does not offer side effects.

On the other hand, certain products sold in stores and pharmacies can produce them. In the latter case may appear adverse effects such as bloating, flatulenccias, diarrhea and various digestive disorders.

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