Return youth to your face with 10 simple exercises!

Our obsession is to work for your youth and beauty . That’s why today we will share 10 exercises to have a young and firm face. If you apply them to the letter you will see huge results!

Over the years, stress and bad habits are reflected in our face, and make us feel surprised at the young aspect we had in the past. But for everything there is a solution. We recommend you perform these exercises of facial gymnastics, to once again show a totally rejuvenated.

Gymnastic exercises for the face will help you tense and strengthen the muscles of the face, improving circulation and oxygenation.

Some tips before you start:

It is important to warm and relax the musculature of the face and neck, tapping gently with the tips of the fingers.

In the first few times, practice in front of a mirror.

The best time to perform the exercises is before or after the time dedicated to skin care of the face.

5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening are enough for you to see results. It is important to repeat each exercise between 10 and 20 times.

It is necessary to do the exercises calmly and without forcing the skin. Keep the tension of each exercise for about 6 seconds, relaxing gradually afterwards.

10 exercises to have a young and firm face

Support an arm on a table, in an upright position. Close the handle and place it under the chin. With the chin, make strength against the fist, feeling the resistance. Maintain pressure for 6 seconds. Then, relax.

2. Exercise for the double chin

With the back straight, extend the neck forward until the skin is stretched. Slowly, turn your head to the right and stay in this position for a few seconds, without lowering your chin. Repeat to the left side. Relax and repeat the process.

3. Exercise for the mouth region

Place the index fingers on the corners of the lips. Press your lips together and force a smile, but without opening your mouth. Next, simulate the position in which we stay when we whistle, and press hard. Alternate the two movements.

4. Exercise for the cheeks

Fill your cheeks with air and gently whisk them on them, using the tips of your fingers. Keep a strong tension while your mouth is full of air. Then, release the air through your mouth, slowly, gently and constantly.

5. Exercise for the apples of the face

With your hands on your cheeks, bring your lips to the front as much as possible, while your hands should be gently pushing the jaw muscles back.

6. Exercise for the contour of the eyes

Place your index and thumb fingers on the outer corner of the eyelid. Try gently closing the eyes while stretching the skin up with the index finger and down with the thumb. Relax and repeat.

7. Exercise against “crow’s feet”

Place your fingers on the sides of the head, in the line of the eyes, and press, stretching the top of the ears. Open your mouth and project your jaw forward and backward. Hold the tension for 6 seconds, relaxing afterwards.

8. Exercise against dark circles and bags under the eyes

Open your eyes in a relaxed manner, place your index fingers on the lower eyelids. Breathe in and, as you expire, try to close your eyes, while your fingers try to impede movement, holding the skin.

9. Forehead exercise

Place both hands on the forehead. Press forward and backward, feeling the eyebrows , eyelids and forehead muscles tense. Hold the tension for 6 to 10 seconds and then relax.

10. Final exercise

Place the tips of the fingers over the bones of the jaw. Gently press the region, making circular movements. Make this massage all over your face, from the bottom up. Do the same type of massage for the nape region.