Say goodbye to dry and battered hair with this homemade trick!

Try olive oil for dry and damaged hair. We invite you to try a super effective trick to achieve excellent results!

Dry and damaged hair is a common problem in many women. Especially those that dye their hair in brighter tones to their natural color. Although many will tell you that there is no salvation for the split ends, many beauty bloggers claim otherwise. They have tried the hair treatment with olive oil and have been astonished.

Even many women who have applied this wonderful product attest to its effectiveness. If you want to show off healthy, strong, soft and shiny hair again, apply this trick that we share with you next. You will not regret!

How to use olive oil for dry and damaged hair

  1. Pour approximately 200 cc of olive oil into the metal container. Put it on the heat until it is hot (but not so hot as to burn your hair)
  2. Immerse the tail of the hair in the container with olive oil (until it sinks well). Leave on for 5 minutes. Now remove your hair gently, squeezing the excess into the same container.
  3. Lean over the tub and apply the rest of the oil to the rest of the scalp. Spread it with an open comb (preferably wood).
  4. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap or nylon. This will keep the heat. You can also use kitchen aluminum foil or an elastic plastic bath cap to wrap the entire head.
  5. On top of the nylon bag or aluminum foil, wrap a thick towel in a “turban” fashion.
  6. Leave on for at least half an hour. Then, wash your hair in the usual way
  7. Repeat this treatment once a week.

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After a month you will be delighted with incredible results!

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