Say goodbye to wrinkles in just one week!

As we increase in age our skin , subject to continuous wear, cracks, ages and expression lines begin to appear and then deepening become undesirable wrinkles. In this article of Effective Health we will share an excellent 100% natural home remedy for you to eliminate wrinkles very quickly. In just 7 days of treatment you will see amazing results Keep reading!

If you have tried different creams for wrinkles without success you have reached the right place. This facial cream that we share today is wonderful! It moisturizes your skin, balances its texture and slows the skin aging process reducing and reducing wrinkles. And … best of all, it is made based on 100% natural ingredients, chemical free!

How to make wrinkle cream?

These are the ingredients you should apply:

1 egg yolk

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon almonds

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons petroleum jelly (buy in pharmacy)

Mode of preparation and use

Place the petroleum jelly in a bowl and heat it over low heat until it melts. When this has happened, remove it from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients and stir everything until you get a uniform mixture (it will take you a few minutes).

Then you must get a jar (if possible glass) and pour all the pasta you have made. Ready! You already have your new anti-wrinkle face cream ready to be applied.

It is recommended that before applying the cream you clean your skin well. Only then apply it with circular massages made with the fingertips in a circular and smooth way.

After 30 minutes, take cotton swabs with water and remove the cream from your skin. (you can also apply a hand towel)

It is advisable to apply the cream 2 hours before going to sleep to achieve a better absorption in the skin. And the last recommendation … once the ointment is used, close the bottle and store it in the refrigerator to continue the treatment (once a day). If you are constant, in a week you will see remarkable changes!

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