Shake of kefir and parsley to lose weight and burn fat

Shake of kefir and parsley to lose weight and burn fat. If you want to know how to take milk kefir to lose weight, today we bring you a green shake based on kefir and parsley that you should take it on an empty stomach and will help you fight obesity and lose weight in a healthy way, since at the same time time you will be contributing to your body all the properties and benefits of kefir that are not few.

How to drink milk kefir to lose weight

This natural supplement should not be lacking in your diet because it has many benefits and is also ideal for weight loss and flattening the abdomen. The kefir diet is really effective to eliminate overweight and even more if you combine it with parsley . Today we will make a green shake combining these two ingredients.

Kefir and parsley shake


3 stems of parsley

1 cucumber

300 cubic centimeters of milk kefir

How do you prepare:

Wash the cucumber and remove its peel

Cut the cucumber into pieces

Pour all the ingredients, ie the cucumber, the parsley and the kefir in a blender and process until the consistency of a shake.

You should consume this shake every morning on an empty stomach or as part of your breakfast. To obtain really surprising results you must combine it with the healthiest possible food and some exercise.

What are the benefits of milk kefir?

Normalizes intestinal transit helping in this way to get rid of bulging abdomen and swelling.

It favors digestion and metabolism.

It acts as a powerful antiseptic for the digestive system.

Restores the intestinal flora quickly.

It is a low-fat product and favors the functioning of some organs such as the pancreas and liver.

It has 12 different types of vitamins, of which vitamin A, BY D.

Kefir, besides being indicated for people who want to lose weight, is also ideal for pregnant women due to its nutritional value.

For men who want to gain muscle, kefir is a great ally.

Benefits of parsley to lose weight

Parsley is very powerful because it helps eliminate accumulated toxins from the body.

It has a diuretic effect which helps to eliminate fluid retention.

It is a powerful natural antioxidant.

It has iron, calcium, phosphorus and sulfur

Parsley also helps counteract anemia.

It is also indicated to improve osteoporosis.

If you want you can also drink this drink at night to replace dinner. If you liked this kefir and parsley shake to lose weight and burn fat, we invite you to share this article with your friends.