Spoon test to know your health status

Discover the spoon test to know your health status . This does not replace a regular visit to the doctor but it can be a very valuable tool in certain cases!

Performing routine exams and consulting a specialist is something that almost nobody escapes. These analyzes help us detect or know more about certain problems that require our attention. In addition, they can reveal other possible diseases and help us prevent them!

In a complementary way, the ancient natural medicine gives us very useful methods and used our ancestors. By using these techniques or tricks we can get to know if our organs are working properly or not.

In any case, it is always important to emphasize that any ancestral knowledge or alternative medicine should not replace current medical treatments and examinations.

Rather, the purpose of this article is to provide general guidance so that we can better understand the signals our body gives us . Specifically, we want you to know, in general terms, if your body is functioning normally or abnormally.


Spoon test to know your health status

Here we offer you an easy and simple trick. You can use it whenever you need to check your health status, before visiting the doctor. It will even be appropriate to do so if you assume that you are ill or suffer from an illness.

This is a practical, quick and natural way to try to identify problems in your body. It is a very simple trick of folk medicine.

What do I need to do the spoon test?

A sealed plastic bag (bags to freeze food).

1 spoon


To do this test, you must have a moment of the day when you feel more calm and free of obligations. It is recommended to be attentive (pay close attention to the procedure) and be patient.

You must follow the following steps

Insert the spoon in your mouth.

Next, from the throat to the front of the mouth, scrape your tongue.

Carefully, bring all the saliva from your mouth to the tip of your tongue.

Put the spoon in the airtight bag and close it well. Wait 2 minutes.

Take the spoon out of the bag and look at it carefully.

Possible diagnoses from the test performed

Several results can be obtained from the saliva sample that you have collected in the bag, namely:

If the saliva is whitish, it can mean the presence of a respiratory problem.

If it is yellow (or white) saliva, thyroid difficulties are the most likely diagnosis.

If you feel bad smell, you may have oral problems.

In case you smell ammonia, worry about your kidneys.

A mild, sweet smell can be an indicator of diabetes .

In case the saliva appears purpurine it can be a sign of bronchitis, high cholesterol or circulation problems in the blood.

If the saliva in the spoon turns orange, you should pay attention, because it could be a chronic renal condition.

Do not you feel any special smell? Is the spoon free of impurities? Do not you identify any color in the saliva? Well then it is concluded that everything is fine.

Remember to visit the doctor so that, in a personal consultation, it gives you a more precise diagnosis, according to your case.

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