The 3 best home remedies for stretch marks

These are the 3 best home remedies for stretch marks. Take advantage of these easy recipes and apply today. You will see great results!

Many women have to deal with stretch marks, especially young mothers. Most of them are forced to hide them and hide them under clothes or makeup. Today we share a home remedy that will help you eliminate them.

You will be happy when you see that it is possible to eliminate them permanently with these home remedies. Follow our advice and get rid of unsightly traces in just 15 days!

Why do stretch marks appear?

After a pregnancy, or when suddenly lose weight or weigh too much, the skin suffers and causes stretch marks. Hormonal imbalances are also a factor that contributes to an increased risk of stretch marks, both in pregnant women and adolescents. Another risk factor is a decrease in the level of collagen that causes the skin to weaken and be prone to problems.

What parts of the body are prone to stretch marks?

In general, the parts of the body that have more fat are more likely: the abdomen, the back, the breasts, the arms and the thighs.

How to get rid of stretch marks?

Unfortunately, stretch marks do not go alone, they only diminish with time, but never disappear completely if you do not do something about it. The expensive creams found in cosmetic stores are not very effective. Therefore, it is best to prepare a homemade cream that will turn your skin velvety and without unsightly marks.

Castor oil

Embed a piece of cotton in castor oil and apply over the affected area. Then massage the area for several minutes until the oil is completely absorbed. Do this every day, and after a month you will notice the results.

Castor oil is a natural remedy to cure stretch marks. It contains ricinoleic acid, a type of fatty acid that increases the elastuticity of the skin and hydrates it. Another property of castor oil is that it prevents acne and the first signs of skin aging.

Coconut oil

Heat some coconut oil and rub it between your palms. Apply it on the skin affected by stretch marks. Massage the oil well on the skin until it is completely absorbed. You can do this twice a day, so unsightly traces heal naturally.

Coconut oil has the ability to be very moisturizing. This property helps to get rid of traces of stretch marks, even the deepest ones. In addition, coconut oil increases the level of collagen in the skin, cleanses it in depth and increases its elasticity.

Vitamin E extract

Oily vitamin E is ideal for your skin, so it is also recommended to buy it. Break two tablets of vitamin E and apply a generous layer of this liquid (with a piece of cotton) on the stretch marks. Massage easily after application. Repeat this procedure every day for a month and you will see how the marks of the stretch marks begin to disappear.

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Vitamin E is a natural remedy for skin problems. Pregnant women are advised to apply oily vitamin E in the abdomen before the unsightly signs appear, as this will prevent them. It is a very effective remedy against stretch marks.

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