The 4 best exercises to increase and lift the breasts

Do these 4 exercises to increase and lift the breasts. Do you want your breasts to look bigger? Today we show you how to achieve it naturally!

It’s about developing the muscles under your breasts. Doing this will improve the appearance of your breasts. You will look a more attractive bust, firm and larger in size.

This training is created by Comas Keck, specifically for women, to add a beautiful shape to the bust. He believes that working the chest from multiple angles with enough weight, gives it greater strength through muscle development.

For this physical training to be effective, you must choose weights that have an adequate weight. Enough to make it possible to do two more repetitions at the end of each series.

Do this routine twice a week and remember to challenge yourself with heavier weights. This will ensure muscle growth and therefore, tone and increase the volume of the breasts.

Exercises to increase and lift the breasts

  1. Dumbbell bench press

Lie on your back on a bench. Keep your arms straight and take a dumbbell in each hand (A). Now, lower the weights until they are near the sides of your chest (B). To end the exercise, press them again to the initial position. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise, and then continue with the other without rest.

  1. Flexion of arms

Start in a traditional start-up position. With the feet separated a few centimeters and with the arms directly below the shoulders, perpendicular to the floor. Keep your abs firm and let your body fall down by bending only your arms. Return to the starting position. Do 10 push-ups and then rest for 90 seconds.

Repeat the first and second exercises one more time, rest for 90 seconds and move on to the third exercise.

  1. Inclined dumbbell bench press

Hold the handles with your arms flexed. Then extend the arms parallel to the body. The arms should be straight at the height of the nose. It is an exercise that strengthens the chest, your biceps and shoulders. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise and move without rest to the last one.

  1. Fly with dumbbells

Holding the dumbbells firmly, stretch both arms parallel to the floor. Lift the weights and at the same time lower your arms to your position. Do 10 repetitions and then rest for 90 seconds.

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