The best exercises for the swelling of the legs! End the pain Exercise number 5 is the best!

Today we share the 5 best exercises to relieve the pain of swollen legs . Inform yourself and share this information!

We must pay attention to our legs. Especially if you are a person of lifestyle sedentary and low physical activity. With some simple exercises it is possible to improve the blood circulation in the body . In addition, you will be free from numbness, cramps, pains and swelling.

Below you will see a selection of the best 5 exercises that apply to the legs. If you do them regularly, they will help you solve these problems! Let’s do it!

The 5 best exercises to relieve the pain of swollen legs

1. Warm the toes

Stand up straight. Bend your toes and press against the floor. Hold this position for three seconds. Repeat this procedure ten times. It will improve blood circulation in the feet. In addition, you will eliminate the numbness of the lower limbs.

2. Walking on tiptoe

This exercise is about going on tiptoe. Take five steps that last 20 seconds with 30 seconds of pause between them. This exercise strengthens the ligaments and muscles of the legs.

3. Circular movement

For this exercise you will need a mat. Spread it on the floor, lie on your back. Lift one leg, stretch it and begin to make circular movements with the foot, move it in a clockwise direction.

Perform movements for 10 seconds. Do the same circular movements with the middle part of the leg, working with the knee joint. Then, turn the entire leg, not forgetting to keep it straight and pull the sock. Make three sets for each leg.

With this exercise you will improve the mobility of the hip and knee joints. Also, you will avoid the deposition of salts in them.

4. Pencil exercise

Lift your feet off the ground walking with only your fingers. Lift your foot like a pencil. A right angle must be formed. Keep it in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat the movement five times with each leg alternately. The pencil in this case helps to focus attention on the actions taken and retain balance. This improves the effectiveness of the exercise.

5. Exercise with tennis ball

You can do this exercise while sitting at the same time doing your work or reading a book. Put one foot on a tennis ball and move the sole of the foot by pressing on it for 5 minutes. Then, do the same with the other leg. You will receive an excellent foot massage, which will relieve tension throughout the body. This is the star exercise that you must not forget to do!

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