These 10 foods dissolve uric acid crystals, eliminate gout and kidney stones

Consume these 10 foods to lower uric acid. They dissolve uric acid crystals and eliminate gout, kidney stones and joint pains. Just add them to your diet and you will quickly feel the results!

Our body is programmed to eliminate uric acid. The problem is that if the acid is produced in large quantities, it causes the development of various health problems . Among them are: kidney stones, joint pain and gout as the most important.

When we regularly eat high doses of animal protein, our body creates a substance called purine. This is precisely responsible for creating crystals of uric acid.

In the worst case, our body goes into hyperuricemia and in this case we can suffer from:

Metabolic acidosis

Skin problems

Joint pain

Diseases of the kidneys and kidney stones




Fortunately, there are foods that help fight uric acid! And we offer you the 10 most effective, which should be used regularly.

10 foods to lower uric acid

1. Broccoli and cucumbers

These vegetables can reduce the production of uric acid and the formation of crystals. Usually, they form around our joints. This condition causes pain and deformity in the joints.

2. Bananas

The banana, rich in potassium, is very important to reduce the level of uric acid in the body.

3. Carrots

You can avoid the accumulation of uric acid with regular consumption of raw carrots. In addition, it will improve your overall health.

4. Cherries

This tasty berry can normalize the level of uric acid. This is because it contains a substance called “anthocyanin”. In addition, it prevents the formation of crystals around our joints.

Apply these 3 home remedies for uric acid and gout

5. Water

With the consumption of water, not only can you reduce the level of uric acid, but also eliminate toxins from your body.

6. Celery

With regular consumption of celery you can avoid more complications caused by uric acid. This food helps reduce their levels.

7. Apple

You can detoxify your body with the regular consumption of apples. It will also help to eliminate excess uric acid.

8. Lemon

Remove uric acid and avoid many health problems, regular consumption of lemon water will help. Drink water with lemon always between 30 and 40 minutes after each meal.

9. Green tea

The consumption of green tea reduces the risk of developing gout and also fights against hyperuricaemia. It is recommended to drink 1-2 cups of green tea every day.

10. Raw onion

You can avoid excess uric acid in the body by eating raw onion salad, seasoned only with lemon juice and a little olive or flaxseed oil.

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