These 5 yoga poses will make you burn fat and show off a flat stomach

On aesthetic issues such as reducing the waist, flattening the abdomen and losing weight, there are plenty of formulas, diets and techniques and that is good, because diversity favors that everyone implements those that are more similar or practical according to the case. This time, trying to add more information about it, from Salud Eficaz we will share 5 fabulous poses practiced in yoga that will help you reduce localized fat and deflate the belly in just one week!

The muscles of the abdomen are responsible for keeping the body erect, firm, centered on its axis and in balance when carrying out any movement: be it running, walking, taking a seat, jumping, etc. However, when these muscles dilate due to lack of exercise, they lose their shape and distend forming a flaccid tissue. Any surplus food or energy that we do not burn will also become fat and will be deposited in this area of ​​the body. This is where some of the worst nightmares of men and women come from: the rolls at the sides of the waist and a prominent abdomen.

What are the advantages of having a firm abdomen?

Belly muscles have, among other functions, different from those previously mentioned, those of containing the digestive organs in their proper place. When we eat more than the body requires, the stomach widens, swells and this progressively leads to abdominal distension, the muscles of the abdomen widen and stretch, dropping that flaccid belly that we hate so much.

Having a firm abdomen is not only aesthetically good but for health reasons it is a necessity for everyone: it allows us to move more quickly, optimize the use of energy, maintain balance and improve our physical condition notably in the face of different challenges or demands.

5 postures to strengthen the abdomen and burn localized fat

Plank . We had already talked about this position in another article. Click on the image to know what it is.

Barco : This posture also called in terms of yoga: “navasana paripurna”. It consists of an exercise in which you start on your back lying on the floor. From that posture you raise your torso and legs, leaving only the buttocks in contact with the floor and forming a “V” with your body. The challenge is to maintain this posture for 1 or 2 minutes and perform 5,8,10 or 15 repetitions as you get more practical.

Stretched boat : It is about forming a “V” with your body leaving the esplada erect and straight with your arms behind the neck and raising the torso about 45 degrees above the ground and at the same time, raising your legs and holding them straight, forming the same angle. To keep your balance you will see that your abdomen will contract. Perform repetitions of this exercise with 20 seconds or 30 each. You can increase the resistance time as you go along.

The iron : It is very simple to do. face down, you incorporate the upper torso by stretching the arms, with your hands on the floor and forward, while your legs are resting straight on the floor to the waist. Your torso must form an inverted “L” with your legs and thus the muscles of the abdomen will contract. Hold this position for one or two minutes and perform 5 to 10 repetitions. Over time you can increase the amount of time and repetitions as you get more skill.

The bridge : this posture (also called bandhasana) consists of making a “bridge” with the body. To do this you must lie on your back. Then we raise the torso and legs until they flex, stepping on the ground with the feet. At the same time you will raise your hip up trying to be as detached from the ground as possible. Meanwhile, stretch your shoulders back and leave your arms flat on the floor. Your hands should touch your heels.

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