This home remedy cures bad breath in just 5 minutes!

Today you will learn how to eliminate bad breath in 5 minutes with the application of a home remedy . It’s fast to do, economical and super-effective!

Many people have bad breath even though they brush their teeth and floss every day. And the worst of all is that they do not know !. Having bad breath can affect the impression we give or the “concept” that others have about us. Alitosis is a very unpleasant health condition both for the sufferer and for other people.

There are many products like toothpaste or mouthwash that promise to help eliminate this problem. However, these products have a high price and do not always provide the expected results. Therefore, we recommend the use of natural products that eliminate bad breath in a very short time.

How to eliminate bad breath in 5 minutes


1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup of hot water

2 lemons

½ teaspoon of cinnamon

Preparation Mode:

Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and add it to a bottle. Add the cinnamon, honey, baking powder and water, then put the lid and shake well. Use two teaspoons of this mixture to brush your teeth and clean your mouth. Gargle with this remedy without swallowing the contents.

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Cinnamon has excellent antibacterial properties, thus eliminating the bacteria that cause bad breath. Honey has the same beneficial effects as cinnamon, and baking powder will alkalize your mouth and also whiten your teeth. The lemon also eliminates the bacteria that remain on the teeth.

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