This homemade cream reaffirms flaccid skin, point the recipe!

Discover  how to reaffirm flaccid skin with homemade cream. We tell you all about its properties, benefits and how to do it from home. Write down the recipe!

After giving birth many women are left with flabby skin. The same goes for people who have lost a lot of weight quickly. If you suffer from this condition, you have found the right information! In this article you will see how to naturally reaffirm the flaccid skin of the abdomen with a very effective home remedy and without having to pay expensive cosmetic treatments.

Like many other conditions, there is a very effective recipe for you to naturally treat the sagging skin and make it smooth again and gain the elasticity it had lost.

And the best of all is that from today you can make a home remedy with only two ingredients that, surely you have in the kitchen, and of little value in price that, when combined, will bring you enormous benefits in a very short time.

You will learn to make a paste that is applied to flaccid skin and after a few treatment sessions you can enjoy beneficial results, as long as you do your part and be regular and constant in the application, of course.

How to reaffirm flaccid skin with homemade cream



Black or green tea

Cooking oil (pure or mixed)


Hazelnut Extract

The mixture of these ingredients will make an ideal recipe to produce the necessary stretching so that your skin becomes smooth and in place, in addition to improving it in general terms.

Preparation mode

In a glass or jar container place an amount equivalent to one cup of clay.

Then pour half a cup of black tea, a tablespoon of coffee, a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of almond extract.

Use a tea spoon to add the ingredients and stir everything until a homogeneous paste.

If you see that the paste is still hard, add a little more tea or coffee, as you prefer.

Application mode

Apply this paste using your fingers on the abdominal area or where you have flaccid skin leaving a thin layer of this mixture and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes. The longer you let the paste rest on your skin and the more often you apply it, the better results you will have for your skin to stretch again and gain firmness.

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