This juice is a “bomb”, it will reduce your waist at night!

If you are looking for a miracle to see you better aesthetically, without those extra centimeters in your waist you have found the right information. In this Effective Health article we will introduce you a drink capable of reducing your waist surprisingly while you sleep… read on!

Every woman suffers as summer approaches and it is not precisely because of the overwhelming heat but because if she does not do something with her silhouette soon she will have no alternative but to show herself with those undesirable rolls that denote extra kilos.

But as for everything there is a solution we did not want to stop sharing this because it is not about anything but a natural and healthy remedy for your body! The idea is that you look better without sacrificing your health, but on the contrary, reinforcing it.

What we are talking about is a drink that, due to its properties, has become known as a “liquid pump”, a food that will make a revolution in your body during the night hours helping you reduce several centimeters of your waist.“bomb”-it-will-reduce-your-waist-at-night.jpg?resize=450%2C900&ssl=1

What is the “bomb” made of?

It is a vegetable juice composed of grapefruit, apple cider and honey. Three super healthy and low calorie ingredients . This preparation will also allow you to optimize other vital functions such as auditory, mental, vision and memory.

Mode of preparation and consumption


– grapefruit juice (1 cup)

– honey (1 tablespoon)

– apple cider (2 tablespoons)

Once the 3 ingredients are gathered, get to work! First you must place the grapefruit juice in the blender, then add the rest of the ingredients and put everything to liquefy for 2 or 3 minutes until a uniform and homogeneous drink is formed. You can add ice to cool or consume the natural. It is advisable to drink it before dinner, just before going to sleep although you can also enjoy it before each meal.

The results? Your waist will be drastically reduced in just 7 days , you won’t believe it!

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