This juice will work miracles with your eyesight

There are certain foods capable of improving our vision and some do notably as is the case of this one that we will discuss below. If you continue reading this article of Effective Health you will not stop consuming this powerful food for the well-being of your eyes !

Our visual health depends largely on how and what we eat. There are certain essential vitamins to help the health of our eyes such as vitamin A, E, C, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, antiocyanins and other very important nutrients such as zinc and essential fatty acids , all necessary and that should be inevitable in our usual diet .

When we do not feed ourselves properly, our body does not receive the necessary nutrients and visual problems or insufficiencies may arise due to inadequate nutrition such as circulatory problems, acidity in the blood and a decrease in the amount of certain nutrients and oxygen that must be supplied to enjoy adequate eye health

Surely you will wonder how to gather all these nutrients and vitamins so diverse in a diet that helps you maintain full visual health. While some experts advise the consumption of carrots and certain fruits and vegetables, it is not easy to find a formula sufficiently complete for the health of our eyes.

However, from our portal we have investigated until we find a recipe that it is and you will be amazed by the ease of its preparation and the incredible results that it will contribute to your visual health: It is a shake that you can make from your home based to the following ingredients:

1 yellow pepper

3 medium carrots

ginger (a piece)

5 mustard greens

½ pumpkin

½ lime

You can also add spinach, turnip or cabbage leaves for this preparation due to its beneficial properties for vision.


You just have to put all these ingredients in a blender and beat until you get a homogeneous drink. You can add (optionally) one or two tablespoons of honey to sweeten and you already have an excellent smoothie ready to drink to taste! Your eyes will thank you!

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