This mixture of essential oils eliminates itching, inflammation and regenerates your skin!

Apply this blend of essential oils to treat psoriasis and discover incredible results! Today we share an excellent home remedy for psoriasis. It will be fantastic if you have inflamed skin or you suffer from itching.

We start by explaining that psoriasis is a chronic disease. It is characterized by producing the death of the upper layer of the skin with external stimuli.

This is not only an aesthetic problem, but also implies a serious health problem.

To treat this pathology today you can avail yourself of 100% natural resources. Certain essential oils are very useful, in this sense, to relieve the uncomfortable and annoying symptoms of psoriasis.

Not only will they help soothe the itching and inflammation of the skin. With its use it can also reduce or control the effects of psoriasis. This disease, in most cases, is caused by stress.

Below we offer you to make a combination of a series of essential oils selected for their rich properties. With this mixture you will obtain the following benefits:

Reduce inflammation,

Calm the itch,

Restore the skin cells.

With this recipe you can get rid of inflammation and itching, as well as restore the skin and restore it to its original beauty !

This home remedy has no side effects or adverse. By the way, you can apply it every day!

Blend of essential oils to treat psoriasis

Cutaneous psoriasis is especially sensitive, so you should use products with environmental certification, especially aloe vera gel.


20 drops of myrrh essential oil

20 drops of amber oil

17 drops of rosemary essential oil

17 drops of chamomile essential oil

10 ml of argan oil

7.5 ml of evening primrose vegetable oil.

5 ml of black cumin vegetable oil

25 ml of aloe vera gel

Method of preparation and use

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Apply a small amount of the mixture on the affected area 3 times a day.

By the way, in addition to this treatment , you can take 2 to 4 capsules of evening primrose oil per day.

In case you follow a treatment or consume previously prescribed medication, make sure to consult the doctor!

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