This will happen if you massage your index finger for 60 seconds

Did you know that you can improve certain health conditions without medication, just by applying these massages to the fingers? Most people, when they have severe pain, turn to painkillers or see a doctor. However, there is a natural alternative offered by reflexology.

Reflexology is a completely new philosophy, at least in the Western world. It suggests that every part of the human body is connected to the hands.

Benefits of massaging fingers

The hands are associated with the nervous system. Therefore, stimulating blood circulation in the hands can be extremely beneficial for mental health. Clapping your hands is a way of doing it. Now let’s see how you can improve your health by massaging the fingers of your hands!

Massages for the fingers and their meaning

1. Thumb

Massaging the thumb is associated with the heart and lungs. When you have an accelerated heartbeat, rub your thumb and then pull on it. It will slow down your heartbeat.

2. Index finger

It is connected to the colon and stomach. If you suffer from constipation or abdominal pain, press the index finger, massage for 60 seconds and then pull. Your condition will improve significantly in a short time.

3. Greater finger

It is associated with the heart, small intestine, blood and respiratory system. When you feel dizzy or with insomnia, especially when traveling, squeeze the middle finger and massage it.

4. Ring finger

It is related to your mood, so when you feel depressed, give your finger a massage and you will feel better immediately. Amazing!

5. Little finger

It is connected to the kidneys, but also to the head and neck. Whenever you have a headache or neck pain, massage your little fingers and you will get immediate relief.

Causes of tingling and numbness in hands and feet

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