Urine therapy: drinking urine is good for your health?

Drinking urine is good for your health. Is that true? We are going to answer this question that thousands of people have made from the approach of urine therapy, a millenary practice.

You probably find it disgusting and disgusting. However, drinking urine is a medicinal therapy known internationally for centuries. This alternative technique is known as urine therapy. Its practice was developed during ancestral times: there are records since 4000 BC! Even today, in India people take baths with their own urine.


What does the color of urine say about your health?

Dr. Gloria Ventura, who works at the Moscoso Puello Hospital in Japan (at the Tokyo Medical University) says that urine contains antibodies and hormones important for health. These are able to fight infections and even malignant tumors.

What does urine contain?

Urine is a liquid that is mainly made up of toxins and water that is discarded by our body. Although it is usually associated with pathogens, germs and bacteria, it does not seem to cause organ damage when ingested. According to specialists, what many people do not know is that when it is metabolized by the kidneys, its composition is transformed into 90% sterile substances. In addition, the urine contains rich minerals such as calcium, urea, potassium and magnesium, all very important for our health.

Is drinking urine good for your health?

Here we share the properties and benefits of urine for human health.

1. It is a natural antibiotic

All toxins from microorganisms and pathogens that cause infection are excreted through urine. When consumed or drink it works as an “antibiotic”. That is, it uses these toxins to act against infectious processes.

2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor power

The urine has diuretic properties. In addition, it has antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antitumor action. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. As if that were not enough, it helps to stimulate cardiovascular health.

3. Helps to treat serious diseases

Urine is used to treat patients with cancer, AIDS and other serious diseases. This is so because it allows to strengthen the immune system.

4. Eliminate calculations of different class

Drinking urine helps dissolve kidney, bile and bladder stones.

5. Helps regulate hormones

Drinking urine helps balance hormones and even the nervous system.

How to use urine for medicinal purposes?

In an “endogenous” way (internal use) : You can drink it pure or in homeopathic doses. In enemas, enemas or even by applying injections.

In an “exogenous” way (topical use) : It can be applied to wounds and burns. It can also be applied to beauty treatments , by performing massages. It is also used as a hair care shampoo.

How is urine drinking therapy applied?

It is recommended to healthy people to use the first urine in the morning. It can be diluted in a juice and even sweeten.

It is not advisable to drink it regularly, since we will be entering again and again the waste that we produce. It should only be consumed eventually to produce the immunity effect that the body needs.

Enemas: to lower fever and treat tumors that affect the part of the rectum and the colon.

Urine poultices: to apply in varicose areas of the body with pain and inflammation.

Contraindications of urine therapy

Do not practice urine therapy without the advice of a professional. There are people who can suffer temporary side effects when drinking urine. These, although they do not become dangerous, can cause discomfort even for several days or months. For this reason, it is necessary to consult with a specialist, before making the decision to start with this technique.

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