Very easy! Try these hairstyles knotted in your hair

Hairstyles knotted in their hair are making a big splash in social networks. It is a super simple and very practical way to fix yourself. In addition, it is a technique that became fashionable because it allows you to look beautiful without taking up so much time combing your hair every time you leave your house.

These new looks reveal that the headscarf is something very cool for many girls. Last season he left evidence of that. We have witnessed a true flood of bandanas and headscarves in the best street style! And the best part is that this trend is still growing!

Here we offer a rich gallery of images with models that have already been practiced different types of knotted hair . For this they have used handkerchiefs, ribbons, headbands or simple pieces of cloth. Look and see which of these looks would fit you best! You dare?

Girls who are wearing hairstyles knotted in their hair

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