Watch out! Drinking this mixture can kill you

Today we tell you the effects of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. You probably don’t know it and it seems harmless to you. The truth is that certain mixtures can be lethal. Find out why you should stop doing them!

Do you know what exactly happens inside your body when you drink a can of Red Bull? You probably don’t know that the body needs 12 days until it is completely free of the effects of this popular drink. Find out the answer to this question in this article. You’ll be surprised!

In different pages and blogs about health, you have learned about the effects produced by beverages such as beer, wine and Coca-Cola on the body and on health in general, but nothing had been said about this well-known drink so common among young boys. This is the time to know what happens when we drink Red Bull.

Consequences of mixing red bull with alcohol

This drink, like others of its kind, we refer to energizers, are quite harmful to health. Energy drinks are manufactured with high levels of sugar, so if they are consumed in excess they can cause a rise in blood pressure and heart beat.

After 12 to 24 hours, you will probably start to feel a headache, feel nervous and have constipation. Generally speaking, it will take your body 12 days to be free of the unwanted effects that Red-Bull produces.

In the opinion of experts, this energizing liquid is something very harmful to health, since the combination of sugar with pH value of this drink is a perfect formula to destroy tooth enamel.

In this sense, Dr. Stuart Farrimond expresses that nothing good can be expected after the intake of large amounts of caffeine.

France and Denmark banned its consumption as a coctail of death. Its vitamin components are mixed with Glucoronolactone, a highly dangerous chemical developed by the United States Department of Defense during the 1960s to encourage the army in VIETNAM. This component can be read on the label of any can of this product.

Glucoronolactone, in short, operated as a potent hallucinogen that helped calm pain and physical discomfort during the war.

The truth is that, apparently, its effects on the body were so devastating, causing many cases with migraines, liver disease and even cancer in troop members, which had to be suppressed.

What happens if I combine red bull with alcohol?

1- It is advisable to do some type of physical activity after your intake, since this drink due to its energizing effect accelerates the heart rate and can trigger the heart attack.

2 – It can cause a stroke (stroke) Red Bull has components that make the blood more liquid and fluid, reducing the work of the heart to make it easier to pump.

  1. A fundamental component of RED BULL is vitamin B12, used by medical professionals to treat patients suffering from ethyl coma: this explains why it causes hypertension and a state of excitement after drinking it, similar to that of a person drunk
  2. Be careful. If you drink RED BULL often and quite often you can trigger a series of irreversible diseases at the nervous and neuronal level.

The combination of energy drinks and alcohol can be lethal

Never even think about mixing RedBull with Alcohol! Mixing RED BULL with alcohol (alcoholic beverages) is prohibited due to its lethal health effects. directly attacking the liver and causing the affected region to be unable to regenerate forever.

Scott Willoughby, a researcher, has confirmed that this drink can be deadly when combined with stress, high blood pressure or alcohol.

On the other hand, while Red Bull increases the heart rate, alcohol undoes it, generating a contradictory message to the brain: increase / decrease, which can lead to an irremediable heart attack.

So you know … the effects of mixing alcohol with energy drinks can end your life! Share this article with young people and people who may need it.