Watch out! This can happen to you if you operate the tonsils

Today we tell you about the operation of tonsils and their consequences. Until recently, it was thought that cutting the tonsils of children and adults did not have a major impact on health . However, reality shows the opposite. Learn and share!

At another time it was very common to practice tonsil surgery on people who had recurrent tonsillitis and pharyngitis. The treatment made the infections disappear, so cutting the tonsils became a common practice.

What is the function of the tonsils?

Tonsils are lymphatic tissues that are at the door of the respiratory system. They are the first to respond when the organism comes in contact with a pathogen that causes infection in the respiratory tract. The tonsils become inflamed frequently during the first years of life. It is usually a very painful and recurring process. For this reason, tonsils are often cut.

Operation of tonsils and their consequences

Recent studies have shown that people who have been operated on tonsils are more likely to get several infections.

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A research team led by Sean Byars of the University of Melbourne has analyzed the medical records of more than one million Danish. For this I contemplate a universe of cases ranging from birth to 30 years of age. The researchers focused mainly on two groups of patients: the first did not undergo the removal of the tonsils, and the second, if it did before 9 years of age.

The results of the research speak for themselves!

The group of people operated on tonsils showed greater propensity to suffer from allergies, infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, asthma, influenza and pneumonia. It is estimated that people with operated tonsils suffer from these infections at a rate twice the overall average. Removal of the tonsils can cause the immune system not to recognize the bacteria or microbes that attack the airways.

In addition, the latest research shows that tonsillitis often has a moderating effect on other infections. Among them are such as: sinusitis, otitis media and other problems respiratory problems.

In conclusion, in case of suffering from tonsillitis or pharyngitis, forget about practicing surgery as much as possible. This forces you to think twice before acting. In serious cases we recommend you to request the opinion of different specialists.

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