What is a mucocele? How to apply treatment with home remedies

Did you know it’s a mucocele? Today we tell you its causes, symptoms and treatment with home remedies of this oral condition.

The mucocele or “mucous cyst” is formed by obstruction or damage to the salivary gland. In most cases it does not require more attention or treatment and usually disappears naturally. However, in certain circumstances (such as deep incrustation) the intervention of a doctor or specialist may be necessary.

Among the most common causes that explain the appearance of the mucocele are the typical habit of biting the lips . This produces an obstruction or injury of the salivary glands and therefore, the production of the cyst. Another of its causes is due to the action of certain chemicals present in oral hygiene products such as toothpaste.


Although anyone can develop this condition, specialists say that those who are between 10 and 25 years old are the primary risk group. On the other hand, its production is more frequent in people with poor oral hygiene. Also, people who suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety are more prone to contract mucocele. Often, they bite the inside of their cheeks or lips until injuries occur.


Symptoms of mucocele

The mucocele appears in the shape of a prominent blister located on the inner side of the lip or cheeks. Its size may vary but is usually not more than one centimeter. Its color is usually whitish.

How to treat a mucocele?

As we had previously indicated, it usually does not require treatment. Its healing usually takes a few days and occurs naturally and spontaneously. You should only alert yourself if you notice that the cyst persists for a very long time or is embedded at a deeper level.

Laser therapy and cryotherapy are among the most common medical practices. Sometimes, a storoid is injected to decrease the inflammation of the mucosa and speed up its healing. On the contrary, when it is a case of greater severity, surgical intervention may be necessary.

Home remedies to cure a mucocele

Ice. The presence of the mucocele can cause disorders or discomfort when eating, drinking or talking. It may be advisable to place an ice cube in the affected area and wait for it to take effect. This will help to reduce the area.

Among other recommended home remedies for its application we can mention the following:


Aloe vera gel

Turmeric powder plaster with water

Any of the three home remedies must be given orally and applied in the affected area. Leave on and reapply daily.

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