With these tricks you can uncover your nose in just 2 minutes

Nasal congestion occurs when you are suffering from a respiratory problem, which we commonly call a “stuffy nose.” Today we share a trick to uncover the nose in just 2 minutes.

The symptom of a blocked nose occurs when the air cannot pass properly through the nasal cavity. It is generally believed that it is mucus that covers the access of air, but in reality the main cause of this happening is an inflammation of the airways and a dilation of the blood vessels in this area.

Usually the problem to breathe is to say nasal congestion occurs when you have a common cold. When our body fights against this cold, it releases histamines that cause the blood flow to increase in the area, the nasal regimens are inflamed and Breathing becomes difficult.

Allergies can also cause the airways to become clogged, it can be allergy to dust, animal hair, pollen, mold, etc. When we aspire to any of these things, the body defends itself by releasing hitamine and the nose becomes congested.

Then we will share 2 homemade and natural tricks that will help you unclog your nose and breathe better.


Uncover your nose holding your breath

Breathe and take as much air as you can

Tilt your head back

Close your nose with your fingers preventing the passage of air

Now hold your breath as much as you can (do it until you feel uncomfortable no more than that).

Do this several times and you will see how little by little your nose is decongesting.

Uncover the nose with acupressure method

With the tip of your tongue you must exert pressure on your palate and maintain this pressure for a few seconds.

Relax your tongue

At the same time you do the palate exercise, press your forefinger and your toes against your forehead between your eyebrows .

Rest and a few minutes and do it again.

Other tips to uncover the nose

Drink a lot of water

avoid exposing yourself to heated places because it irritates the nasal mucosa even more.

Take hot showers to benefit from the steam

Sleep with a pillow that allows your head to be slightly raised

Regularly clean your nose with exit solution

If you notice that your nasal congestion lasts more than 1 week and does not disappear, it is advisable to go to a doctor to rule out that you have an infection.

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