With this diet low 12 kilos in 30 days without rebound effect!

Discover the ketogenic diet of 30 days to lose weight . It is a regimen that will allow you to lose weight and feel much more active and healthy.

The ketogenic diet includes foods such as meats, vegetables, eggs and fatty foods and discards those rich in carbohydrates. You can lose several kilos without recovering them again because it involves a redesign of our eating habits.

To get results you must do this diet to the letter. This means forgetting completely the sweets and avoiding the Carbohydrates (carbohydrates)

in everything that you can. Also, you should drink large amounts of water per day.


What is the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet with an appropriate protein content, low in carbohydrates, which in medicine is used mainly in the treatment of difficult to control (refractory) epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fat, not carbohydrates.

Many studies indicate that this type of diet can help you lose weight and improve your health . A ketogenic diet can even bring benefits in diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. This article is a detailed guide for beginners regarding the ketogenic diet.

The body routinely uses the carbohydrates we consume to create glucose. This, whether recent glucose consumption or glucose previously stored, is a source of energy for the body. When you start the diet, and suppress carbohydrate consumption, your body will use the accumulated deposits of glucose and fat to meet your needs.

Once your body adapts to not incorporate carbohydrates, there is an improvement in energy levels. This is a very remarkable phenomenon. Mentally we are more active. We experience less hunger. It will also improve physical performance, being able to spend more time exercising without getting tired.

The fats will be eliminated by urine. For this reason you will urinate more than usual. Contrary to what you may think,

Ketogenic diet of 30 days to lose weight

This dietary regimen consists of 30 days divided into 3 stages of 10 days. Essential: Avoid completely: sugar, sauces, flour or alcohol.

Step-by-step ketogenic diet

First stage:

Within the ketogenic diet menuĀ  we share a list of allowed foods:

  • meats of all kinds, cold cuts etc. (not on sandwich, not on bread)
  • 1 or 2 small tomatoes
  • low-fat yogurt
  • cheeses of all kinds
  • gluten crackers
  • dietary gelatin
  • eggs,
  • chard, spinach, lettuce, escarole
  • use mayonnaise, golf sauce, mustard, salt, oil, vinegar, pepper, lemon
  • minimum 2 liters of water per day
  • the allowed drinks are water, soda, mate, tea unlimitedly and light sodas (without any sugar) one glass per day


  • The amount of food should be limited per day
  • It is permissible to add a spoonful of cream to coffee or infusion
  • The consumption of oils or fats, such as bacon, is permitted, as long as the body can tolerate them.
  • Make the three main meals, but if you are hungry, one hour before lunch, you can snack: salami, cheese, peanuts, olives
  • DO NOT EAT ANYTHING of the forbidden: do not try milk or fruit, even if it is skimmed
  • ATTENTION : the third or fourth day, you will be desperate for something sweet. Do not lower your arms! If you manage to cross that threshold, the regime will begin to give you good results.

You will be burning calories, and you will start using reserves, metabolizing adiposity.

For breakfast:

  • Coffee, tea and other infusions. Sweetening with sweetener
  • Up to 3 gluten cookies are allowed
  • They can consume cheese, cold meats and scrambled eggs

For the mid-morning:

  • Low-fat yogurt

Food allowed for lunch and dinner:

  • meat (free amount is allowed according to appetite). You can prepare them roasted, baked or grilled
  • eggs
  • one of the vegetables allowed

Second stage

The same guidelines are followed as in the first stage. Only the following foods are added to consume per day:

  • 500cc of skim milk daily
  • 2 fruits a day (2 oranges or 2 apples or three plums or a piece of watermelon or melon, 2 strawberries and a peach, or make other combinations according to your preferences).
  • You must eat the fruits of your choice for ten days.
  • Vegetables: cabbage, chard, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers of any color, asparagus, broccoli, avocado, spinach.
  • No tubers: you can not consmute potatoes, sweet potatoes, or similar ones that grow underground, except carrots.
  • In this stage you have only one allowed: you can eat whole-grain rice or gluten noodles with cream or cheese (no sauces)
  • If you have water and fruit ice creams (preferably dietary)
  • Alcoholic beverages: a glass of water drink you prefer (without sugar) per day.

Third stage

It is estimated that at this stage you will have lost 5 to 8 kilos on average. This amount can be extended up to 12 kilos as long as you respect the diet strictly. In this new instance you can add gluten noodles to everything allowed. These are the guidelines that you must comply with:

  • Once it has been 25 days since the beginning of the diet, break it. This is how you read it. Completely break the regime and eat everything you want (without excess). This will help you lose even more weight. This is because your body will have been unaccustomed to mixing carbohydrates with other types of food.
  • Continue with this methodology until day 30 and resume the diet intermittently. This means doing 3 days of diet, and 3 days without diet. Then 2 days of diet and two days without diet and finally, alternate one day if not another.
  • Do not repeat another thirty days of diet.
  • If you met to the letter you will not need to continue losing weight.
  • Take care of all the excesses.
  • Control your weight every two or three days.
  • Exercise regularly. We recommend walking about 400 meters every other day.
  • Complies with all NOs at the bottom of the letter.
  • Do not worry: If you consume the food allowed you will be satiated

How long does the ketogenic diet take effect?

You will be able to experience the first weight loss during the first 2 weeks of the beginning of the diet. You can lose between 3 to 5 kilos of weight during the first 15 days. Everything will depend on how responsible and constant you are when doing the diet as indicated.

Origins of the Ketogenic Diet

This recognizes its origins in 1921. Its creator was Dr. RM Wilder of the Mayo Clinic who applied it for epilepsy treatments. When the anticonvulsant drugs were discovered, the use of the ketogenic diet decreased.

Recently, it has been considered again as a valid method to lose weight quickly. According to Dr. HM Dashti, in the 2004 edition of “Clinical Cardiology,” a ketogenic diet of 30 days to lose weight significantly reduces body weight, cholesterol and triglyceride levels without generating significant side effects.

An investigation carried out that same year by Dr. WS Yancy and published in “Annals of Internal Medicine” ensured:

A low-carbohydrate diet causes more weight loss than a low-fat diet.

Contraindications of the ketogenic diet

This diet can produce side effects. If you suffer from coronary heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease or diabetes, the ketogenic diet increases the risk of suffering adverse effects. Among them are:

  • Dehydration
  • Descaling
  • Kidney problems
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
  • Irrigation of coronary heart disease. This can occur when consuming large amounts of red meat as a source of protein, high in saturated fat and cholesterol. However, this diet will not increase cholesterol, but it will lower it always do it as indicated and while you do not try the forbidden.

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