With this simple trick, the headache will disappear in 30 seconds!

Did you know that biting a pencil with your teeth helps relieve headaches? . It is a simple trick that can relieve you of annoying headaches. Keep reading and share!

Dr. Jayne Leonard, an expert in headaches, made an interesting recommendation. In an article published in The Daily Mail, he said that during headaches, you should squeeze a simple pencil with your teeth for a few seconds. Who would say it was so simple, right?

This professional said, in another article published in the newspaper Express Online, that most headaches respond to causes such as stress, stress, anxiety , fatigue and emotional disorders. These problems often have a psychological root for strong emotion. As a result, spasms of the muscles of the face, neck and jaw can manifest, and this is the cause – in turn – of the pain in the temple area.

In the headache, the muscles of the jaw tense. This condition is linked to a phenomenon known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction ( bruxism ) that is characterized by clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth during nighttime rest.

It is possible to reduce this tension by applying a simple trick. It consists of tightening for about 30 seconds a pencil between the teeth. It should not be squeezed too hard. This procedure helps relax the muscles of the jaw, which can relieve tension and intense pain. If you have these problems, we encourage you to apply this simple trick. It costs nothing and can give you very good results!


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