Works! Low 5 kg in a week with this simple and easy to make diet

This is how the diet of tuna and rice is made to lose weight . Here you will find the procedure and the best tips to apply it. You can lose up to 5 kg in a week!

This diet is simple, practical and very easy to make. Your results are proven. There are already many people who tell their testimonies and appreciate having applied it. What are you waiting to do?

The diet of tuna and rice  to lose weight combines these two foods. They are available at any store in your area. It is a fact. The  diet of tuna and rice works perfectly! If you follow it responsibly you will lose those kg more quickly and very effectively.

That yes, you must follow this diet to the letter and contain the “cravings”. The first few hours it may be difficult for you to refrain from flours, sugary products and other high-calorie ones.

However, your body will quickly become accustomed to eating healthy and soon you will feel satiated. As soon as you realize you will have lost those extra kilos that cost you so much to lose.

How to make the diet of rice and tuna to lose weight


1 cup of tea / coffee or cooked mate

2 fruits (optional)


1 skim yogurt with fruits or cereals


tuna and brown rice

1 serving of light gelatin

Mid afternoon

1 glass of pure juice squeezed from a citrus fruit (orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon or kiwi, depending on your preference)


1 cup of tea

2 whole-grain toast with a slice of light cheese or non-fat spread


1 plate of tuna and brown rice

1 serving of light gelatin

How to use these foods and their properties

Rice is a staple and very popular. It’s in the kitchen of almost any home. We recommend making brown rice because of its high fiber and mineral content. These help to purify and cleanse our body and sweep impurities.

When the diet of rice and tuna grows

Attention:  do not eat the hot rice since your body will quickly assimilate the starch and instead of going down, you will gain weight. In contrast, cold rice does not make you fat or produce diabetes . For this, once cooked, you can keep a source of rice in the refrigerator until it is time to eat.

Meanwhile, tuna contains proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. These are known to be very beneficial in regulating cholesterol levels. Fatty acids help us lower the level of triglycerides and protect our heart.

Diet of rice, tuna and apple

There are other variants of this diet. You can make combinations with other foods. In this sense, you can add apple. It is a caloric-negative food, since it removes more calories from the body than it contributes. In addition, the apple is cleansing and cleansing of the body. In short, it is an ideal complement to this diet.

Rice and chicken diet

Another valid alternative is to prepare brown rice with chicken. Prepare the chicken by removing its skin and fat. A good chicken fillet can be combined fantastically with cold rice. Remember that poultry meat is a source of protein.

Have you already decided? Do not wait any longer and start today! This diet of rice and tuna has benefited many people. They give their testimony and affirm that it is good to eat tuna and rice to lose weight . The results are more than surprising!

Some useful recommendations

  1. We recommend using tuna sold in stores and supermarkets to “water” and not “oil”, since the latter is heavier.
  2. This diet of rice and tuna to lose weight should be combined with adequate hydration. Drink plenty of water a day. Remember that water is the ideal vehicle to transport and eliminate waste, waste and toxins that your body will release.
  3. Do some type of physical activity or exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This will help speed up your metabolism and with it, your body will lose weight faster.
  4. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and sugar. If you use oil that is olive and little quantity. Extreme consumption of salt.

How many kilos can I lose with the diet of rice and tuna to lose weight?

With this  diet of tuna to lose weight you can lose up to 10 kilos in 2 months. The average is to lose about 3 kilos in a week (as long as you follow the diet “to the letter”). However, not all organisms work in the same way. Therefore, the metabolism varies from one person to another and with it, the results.

Was this information useful? Share the diet of rice and tuna to lose weight with friends, family and anyone who might need it. Let’s help other people for an Effective Health for all.