You will not believe! With the peel of this fruit you will lose weight

There are parts of some foods that we consider useless and discarded but if you knew their benefits you would surely stop doing so now. Did you know that with the banana peel you can lose weight ? In this Effective Health article we tell you how you can achieve it and what recipes you can apply to consume it.

Eating the banana peel may seem crazy but not so much if you pay attention to the ingenious recipes that exist to prepare it and especially if you discover its powerful properties for your health and in particular, to reduce weight.

Is it true that banana peel allows you to lose weight?

Of course! There is a reason for that. You already knew that banana is a fruit rich in potassium although I don’t know how much they have told you that their skin may contain 40% of this component!

Potassium helps us lose weight by optimizing the metabolism, which results in better calorie burning. Potassium is also useful for providing energy to the body and photosecering muscle fiber.

And that’s not all … the banana peel contains many other compounds that help metabolism such as antioxidants, vitamins among which are A and B and fiber. It is important to note that with respect to the latter, the skin contains more fiber than all the frutod. Remember that fiber is what cleanses your intestines and allows you to keep feeling full for a good amount of time.

Green or yellow banana peel?

We have already talked about the ripe banana peel and its benefits in terms of its anti-cancer properties. See related article .

However, if it is a question of losing weight, it is advisable to consume the green banana peel due to its richer pro-biotic content. In addition to promoting digestion, this food helps increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the body by up to 15%.

How can I consume the banana peel?

Surely, for many people it will cause them some disgust to eat it but there are other alternatives to be able to consume it without problems, namely:

1- Make a smoothie : put the banana peel in the blender and add coconut milk, ice, a tablespoon of cinnamon and put everything to liquefy for a few minutes. Its flavor will be delicious!

2- Banana tea . The banana peel can also be prepared as a tea, to boil it in a pot or bowl for 10 minutes. Then strain the skin of the liquid and let it cool until it is warm. Then sweeten with honey and drink it.

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